I am loving this Dog Appliqued

I saw this on etsy,  created by Christy Hodgson of BellaBlu Designs Martha Stewart’s pet blog also provides a step=by-step how to create the same look:

Tools and Materials
Photo of a dog in profile
Sewing machine
Damp, clean cloth
Card stock
Patterned fabric
Trans-Web or other fusible webbing on release paper
Black marker
Solid-color one-piece baby romper.
Machine-sewing thread in a coordinating color for decorative topstitch
Hand-sewing needle
Button in coordinating color (optional)

Dog Romper How-To
1. Download and print the template for the French bulldog silhouette on card stock, or create a dog silhouette of your own by tracing a photograph. If you make the silhouette yourself, shrink or enlarge it to make sure that it is about 6 inches wide.

2. Cut the dog silhouette from the card stock.

3. Choose a fun, graphic, patterned fabric for the dog applique. Larger, busier patterns work best on simple silhouettes. More detailed dog silhouettes look better in smaller patterns, so the details of the dog’s shape are not lost in the fabric.

4. Prewash the fabric for your applique to reduce shrinkage.

5. Cut a square or rectangular piece from the fabric approximately 7 inches square.

6. Cut a piece of Trans-Web slightly smaller than your fabric square.

7. Using an iron on the wool setting, iron the Trans-Web onto the back of the fabric; the rough side of the Trans-Web should be facing the wrong side of the fabric. Allow the paper-backed fabric to cool.

8. Using a black marker, trace the dog silhouette onto the Trans-Web paper backing.

9. Cut out the dog silhouette from the paper-backed fabric.

10. Peel the paper backing from the applique to expose the iron-on webbing.

11. Position the applique, fabric side up, onto the romper. Make sure the applique is positioned above the waistline, so the full silhouette will be visible if the baby is wearing pants.

12. Lay a damp cloth over the applique and iron with steam for 10 seconds.

13. Once the applique is fused to the garment, use coordinating thread and a simple zigzag stitch on your machine to sew around the edge of the applique.

14. Once you’ve sewn around the entire silhouette, tuck the thread tail back under the stitches by hand with a needle to ensure threads are secure. Optional: Sew a button on the applique for the eye.

Tip: This process is not restricted to baby rompers; you can use silhouettes to personalize a variety of clothing and household items.


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