Done with chair! (finally!)

Whew, reupholstering is a lot of work! But worth the effort. After much work, much ripping out, sanding and stapling,  my free trash picked chair is done! Waaaaa-La! Complete with new fabric from Amy Butler’s new LOVE line.

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10 Responses to Done with chair! (finally!)

  1. mylalinton says:

    I love it! so the silver…is it spray paint or what? It looks fabulous! How did you recruit a new leg?! Miracle worker I tell ya!

  2. Mary says:

    I love how the chair turned out! How did you replace that missing leg? Oh and also, what breed is your dog? It is so cute!

  3. How did you replace/find the missing leg? I would have never picked this chair up – it looked so trashed. You made a treasure for sure. I love the fabric – the colors are wonderful. The braid trim is just perfect. That chair has some beautiful lines.

  4. Cindy S says:

    You did a great job on that chair, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! The furbaby isn’t so bad either. Looks like he thought that was done just for him! So cute.

  5. Wow, quite the transformation! Came over from Better After, was wondering the same thing as the host there, how did you get another leg to match?!

    • laurenmack1129 says:

      Hello, thanks for looking at my blog! After getting the chair home, I went back to curb where I found it, and sorted through the trash pile, and there was the missing leg! Just broke off! I got lucky finding it. For the paint, I used Krylon Brushed Metallic ‘Champagne Nouveau’.
      Ooh and the doggie, that is Reese. She is an American Cocker Spaniel 🙂 Glad you all enjoyed the post, it was my very first reupholstering job!

  6. Mary says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I love your chair!! Where did you find that beautiful fabric?

  7. laura says:

    So I’m about to take on a upholstery job for the first time also. A (soon to be) beauty I got off craigslist for $20. I went and priced my fabric (Amy Butler lotus lacework brown) and almost cried. Its going to cost about $50 in fabric. Was your that much also? Is there a place to go find cheaper fabric?

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