I am so indecisive at times.

Remember that side table I bought a while ago at the thrift store?
I have been working on it way tooo long. I started by sanding it, taking off the metal drawer pull (that was simply on table for decor, there is no drawer) adding a wood appliqué, wood feet and 4 decorative tops to the ‘bed posts’.

After that. I didn’t like the yellow so much, so here it is with one coat of Krylon Carmel Latte spray paint. I sprayed the other coat last night, and I am going to use a dark brown to antique the lines of it this weekend. And I popped a pillow in there to see if it will fit, it does perfect! So I will also scoot on over to JoAnnes to find a soft, fabric that I can make a pillowcase cover for so it matches perfectly.  My new edition, Moe seems to really like this bed the most.

Look for updated photos sometime next week 🙂
TGIF !!!

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3 Responses to I am so indecisive at times.

  1. Becky says:

    HA! This is too cute! love the paint color!


  2. danielli says:

    genius! you should get some sheer fabric and add a canopy! i love it 🙂

  3. laurenmack1129 says:

    I should add some canopy, you know Moeseph would love that 🙂

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