Chandelier love affair

I am not sure why… but I am hooked on Chandelier’s right now.  Do you ever go through phases of being hooked on certain stuff? Looking at pictures of them, shopping online for them, drooling at the super expensive ones that I can not afford.  I bought one for my bedroom, a small 3 arm one from Lowe’s… after staring it at for a week,  I didn’t like it anymore.  So I am in search for the perfect ‘Chandelier’, without breaking the bank.  This weekend I will scour the thrift stores and flea markets. I would love to make my own, unique one.

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One Response to Chandelier love affair

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love them… all!! I too have a “thing” for chandeliers! I want to put a small one in our bedroom… the husband likes the fan! I hope to win him over someday!

    Lindsay@ A Design Story

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