Painted Ceilings

I picked up the new Southern Living Magazine,  ‘Before & Afters’ edition today and saw a few painted ceilings. I have seen them before on other blogs, but never have been gutsy enough to try it out. Well I am painting the guest bedroom this month, and I am looking for inspiration and color scheme ideas.  I pulled some of my favorite pictures off some blogs and google image search today, which are your favorite?

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3 Responses to Painted Ceilings

  1. Cindy S says:

    I loved the ones in the bedrooms, the green ceiling with everything else white and a few green accesories. Also the next one, with a blue ceiling. I also loved the white bathroom with beadboard that extended from the walls right onto the ceiling. Great inspiration for you!

  2. Gabby (Gurne) Woods says:

    Love the painted ceilings look. The green is my favorite as well, it’s simple and so beautiful. And the little girl’s room with the turquoise and watermelon punch color is so cute! Great photos, it’s giving me some great ideas for our master bedroom! Thanks!

  3. HI, My name is Diane Williams and I am the artist who painted the ceiling in the bathroom, the 11th picture shown. I have a small correction I’d like to ask you to make. My decorative painting company is called art to Di for. There in no ‘e’ on di. Can you please make this correction on your page? Thank you so much.

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