Meanwhile… kitchen table progress

So I sold my old kitchen table at our garage sale about a month ago, I was never in love with it and it was just boring to me.  Plus, I had my Grandmothers in my garage that I wanted to use instead.  So here she is before, a little wobbly (nothing some bolts didn’t fix) and scuffy looking (nothing paint cannot fix!)

I love her shape, her legs, her size- she has 2 more leafs in garage so she can expand even larger, and of course she has sentimental value to me.  So I painted her with a bright semi-gloss white to start:

and I scuffed up her edges to give her that ‘aged’ look:

Now all I have to do is glaze her or wash her a little. Or maybe when I get the chairs done – I may decide to just leave her as is. Our walls are plain now, but we just moved in 5 months ago and that tile is coming up (being replaced with stuff we put in our bedroom, 20in tan porcelain tile), the baseboard is being replaced… so I wanted to paint after all that construction was done (hopefully by December?!).. so picture the walls ‘San Fran Fog’ by Behr (it’s a blue-grey-green that is so nice). So the point of my ramblings? Maybe the table will look nice and pop if I leave it as a distressed white? I am working on the chairs this weekend, so I hope to have a final ‘After’ photo soon 🙂

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