Coastal meets Earthy

My sister has a really unique cool style. Very much a coastal feel but with a mix of rugged-outdoor and modern.  When you come in and walk up the steps, she has a row of blue mason jars that are filled with seashells that she collects at the beach. They look so pretty in the morning sunlight when the blue glass catches the sun.

And I am jealous she has a fireplace mantle to decorate! She fills it with shells and photos and some colored antique glass bottles.

In the living room is a tall ledge that she has an old Remington wood box, some neat old lanterns, more old glass bottles and a green hangy plant.

Next to the couch is an old truck that doubles as a table. With her new Ikea lamp (that I love btw), more picture frames and mason jars with sea glass.

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the main wall in the living room that the couch is right on. It’s a collage wall with all her favorite pictures she has taken.

Cozy isn’t it? Hope you enjoyed it! I am ready for a busy weekend full of projects! TGIF

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