Help & Advice needed for window treatments!

Help! I need some ideas for a quick, inexpensive but lovely window treatment! The ย window above the couch is huge, and eventually (when we save up a nice chunk of change) this is what I want to do- Frame it in with beautiful molding and plantation shutters:

But for now, it looks like this:

I am thinking some curtains? Possibly some blinds? But not sure, open to all ideas.

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29 Responses to Help & Advice needed for window treatments!

  1. Debbie says:

    I suggest curtains to ‘soften’ the area more than blinds could do, especially since you have tiled floors. Make them long curtains, that are more casual and bunch up slightly on the floor. Be sure to make the rod extend out from the sides of the window so that when opened fully, you can take full advantage of the natural lighting. I would also mount them all the way up to the ceiling…. ok, out of ideas. ;o)

  2. danielli says:

    roman shades are simple yet chic, and if you do enough reseach you can find them pretty cheap.

    even buying fabric for DIY curtains is expensive! but maybe you can head to marshall’s or something and get some inexpensive but nice bedsheets that you can turn into temporary curtains.

  3. laurenmack1129 says:

    Oooh thanks ladies… I like the ideas of Roam shades and curtains. I can have the curtains drawn back at each end and can close when needed. Those roman shades are cool to Danielli, I will check into them!!! I can totally whip up some curtains too DIY style… great, thanks for helping getting my brain rollin’ !

  4. Layla says:

    Hey girlfriend!
    I would DEFINITELY check out Ikea’s blinds and curtains. They have LOTS of options, they’re inexpensive, and they’re good lookin’ too! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • laurenmack1129 says:

      Thank you so much for posting this, I finally have a minute to look through all these awesome ideas!!! I will check out Ikea too, that is a great idea! Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ikea always has fabulous colors and textures for great prices…check there. I totally agree with moving the curtain rod up (halfway between window and roof) and maybe even wall to wall? Move the pictures and have 2 curtains per side to make it look full and gorgeous. What feeling are you going for in the room? Fancy, comfy, minimal, cabin….

  6. Heather says:

    I would do a dark shade of a matchstick blind/bamboo shade on each window and then flank them with simple ivory panels, hung high and then almost reach the floor. A long shelf would look nice over the windows also. Adding a seagrass rug will pull the window shades and floor together and update the room, making your teal pillows look nice and modern. Have fun with it!

  7. I do custom window treatments for my job. I would recommend having 4 panels that go to the floor. There would be an iron pole to go with your window frame and the panels would hang from clip rings. This is a simple way to get a stylish look that will warm up your space. Each panel will hang at the ends and where the window joins the next. I think romans could be added under the panels, or woodblinds, if you need privacy or light control.

  8. I would do a curtain rod above the window-as high as you could go and run the curtains wider than the window and the length just a couple inches touching the floor—you can add roman shades if you feel the curtains are not enough….remove the pictures and see how much room you have on either sides of the curtains once the curtains are up and maybe go with vertical arrangements –and center one of the couches in front of the window-consider painting the window trim once your choose your colors-might help once you decide upon a color for curtains, roman shades…good luck!

  9. carol says:

    I’m currently all in to the dark matchstick blinds (I got mine at Lowe’s, very affordable) and white simple curtain panels. I made the panels myself, from white crisp king flat sheets from Anna’s Linens. Cheapo and they are long enough to make the pocket rod at the end of the sheet and the top that is all nice and widely hemmed, is all ready for the bottom of your curtains. So really you only have to sew the rod pocket and it’s done. I like the dark shade and long simple white curtains. I think this would look nice in your room as well.

  10. Crystal says:

    I agree a lot with what the last poster said. Mount everything high–closer to the ceiling than the top of the window. And I think the 4 panels an the ends and between the windows will look great. I also HEART Ikea’s choices for longer panels. Then you could mount matchstick blinds above each window for privacy, and that would help to give height to match the curtains.

  11. When I look at the room, what I see is a need for a bit of curvature and softness, meaning a more fluid visual impact. I would definitely hang a rod at close to ceiling height, and flank the window with 2 panels at each end (for fullness). The selection of your fabric is key here though. I would strongly recommend that you do a patterened fabric, perhaps a sparse stenciled design, such as a large paisley. This would draw your eye up and away from the heaviness of the furniture. I would fill in the center with a soft patterened, (tone on tone perhaps), sheer fabric. I would do all of that on a wood rod in the color of the wood on your furniture legs.

    When you look at the room, all of the weight is in a level horizontal sight path. Even with neutral furniture, it appears as if there’s too much furniture for that room. Is it possible to move the chair to the other side? Because of this, it creates a boxy effect, which is why I wouldn’t suggest roman shades for the window. Roman shades are great, but in this application, I feel it would just extend the amount of “boxes” in the room. Am I making sense? The softness of the fabric around the window would give the room a more complete feel. If you decide to go with shades or blinds (2″ vanes if you do), I’d still add fabric at the ends for the visual effect.

    I’d also add a rug to the arrangement, and a large piece of colorful art to the sofa wall. (I hope you don’t mind me expanding past the windows – it’s the designer and drapery maker in me. :)) And lastly, to jazz up the furniture a bit more, I’d toss some fun pillows on there with the turquoise ones. Maybe some with a single silhouette of some sort, based on your tastes.

    You have the colors and makings of a fabulous room. I look forward to seeing it all complete!

    • laurenmack1129 says:

      Thank you very much Polly for all your great ideas! I appreciate all your other advice on the room as well! We are painting the walls hopefully in the next week or so in there… a blue/grey color ‘San Fran Fog’ so I think that will liven up the room a little too. I think once I paint then I can go get some more throw pillows that pop and a brighter rug. Thanks again!!!

  12. Stacy says:

    I would consider 3 cellular shades rather than roman shades because they will stack up nicer and take up less space when pulled up. Roman shades would be quite heavy at that size. When down cell shades will soften the look of the window/room and still allow in light but provide privacy. You can buy cordless ones now which would be nice so you don’t have cords hanging. I too would hang the curtains high & wide – avoid overlapping the windows too much. I would recommend keeping them longer then the window sill but not to the floor – I think it will look awkward and cluttered on the shorter window. Also, consider doing a short decorative rod on each side with just a stationary panel instead of a long rod all across your window. Hope this helps.

  13. Brittany says:

    I think painting the black trim would make it look very nice for pretty inexpensive, along with curtains.

  14. Rhonda says:

    I like the idea of bamboo shades for some texture. Than add some soft sheers on either side. I would go for a lighter shade of the pillow color to pick up that color & the blue in the rug. The rug is so pretty. I would also move the couch out from the window & put a sofa table behind it. Put the loveseat opposite the couch so that all of the furniture is not so lined up. Of course, I’m not sure what is opposite of the couch at this time so that may not work. Just an idea. Love the dogs & dogbeds. I have those all over my house too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • laurenmack1129 says:

      Thanks Rhonda, great suggestion. Once we pint in there I want to re-arrange the furniture as well… so I can post more pics of that as it gets done. Thanks for the great ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Using your inspiration photo as our guide, I would first paint the dark window trim. In its current state it really has a dated feeling and interrupts your beautiful view. Paint that dark trim white and you will instantly freshen up that wall of windows. (It looks like your trim may be metal – it can be painted as easily as wood trim, so don’t let that stop you.) ;o)

    You could easily use 1×4 or 1×6 boards of MDF for trim. It’s inexpensive and another step toward your goal in the inspiration photo. I like using this as trim because it has the character seen in homes that are 100+ years old. The trim you see at the Big Box stores you see in everyone’s homes so doing something different will make your home stand out.

    I wonder if you need to cover up that window with blinds? With the trees it doesn’t seem like privacy is an issue. I would just frame that beautiful view with a drapery panel on either side and call it a day.

    (If you do the trim, I would also warm up the walls if you paint the trim white. The paint will help to “pop” the trim so you can see it.) Have fun!

    • laurenmack1129 says:

      Thanks Diana, will check out those boards. I definitely think it needs some trim around the window. This is my first home and it was a foreclosure so it needs a lot of work, but it’s getting there. I didn’t know I could paint the metal trim? That is a great idea!!!!! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Mel says:

    It doesn’t look like privacy is an issue for you?…I would use black metal rods with sheer black fabric, swagged across the top of the windows & down the sides, to match the black frames of the windows. Some of those tortoise matchstick roll up blinds, even for outside, would look nice, under the black sheers. I think that would go nicely with your furniture that you now have & your style. Save your money & once you can afford to buy the white shutters, I think I would paint the window frames white.

  17. Jill says:

    I instinctively want to warm up the room. So I would do wooden blinds hung at ceiling height with 4 panels also hung to the ceiling on an iron rod. Target has pretty good prices on wooden blinds and panels.

  18. Amy Rochelle says:

    Have you thought of using drop cloths?
    I’ve seen people use them w/ and w/out an added border fabric.
    Hung from a black rod. . . . Using metal rings. . . .

  19. Vicki V says:

    I’m anxious to see what others come up with since I have a similar window. I like the idea of the matchstick blinds with the panels that Heather mentioned . I’ve seen it done in a model home and it was stunning. One problem that I’m having in carrying it out, though, is where oh where do you find a rod that’s 180″ long? I don’t want to do PVC or something like that because I want to do clips with rings and the rod will show. Anyone?

    • laurenmack1129 says:

      I need to measure that window but I am guessing I will have same issue finding a rod that long… ? Please let me know if you find out anything good! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Debra says:

    Definitely move the rod up higher. How about some drop cloth panels that are so popular all over blogland.

    Stop by and enter my DaySpring giveaway!

  21. Reenie says:

    If you go with faux wooden blinds ~ check out I ordered mine from there and was very happy with them.

  22. Vicki V says:

    Check out this link for a couple of great pics with panels and wood blinds. This is my inspiration picture:

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