Freebie Furniture

My husbands company sometimes gets calls to do work on foreclosure homes. Sometimes we get lucky with what the people left behind, like we got lucky with this huge console table. Love free furniture that I actually have use for! This thing was HEAVY, it took 3 guys to transport it.  There were only 4 out of the 18 sets of pulls left on it and it was pretty beat up on one side. Nothing some sandpaper and paint could not fix right? For the color I used Martha Stewart’s ‘Kerry Blue Terrier’. After I primed it and painted 2 coats of the blue, I went over some of the raised spots by hand with sandpaper. Bringing out the white primer and dark wood to give it a weathered look. Then I found really similar hardware on ebay,  and I spray painted it all a dark RustOleum metallic black/brown.

and now:

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8 Responses to Freebie Furniture

  1. Minky says:

    That’s gorgeous! I love it!

  2. Mariaelena says:

    It’s wonderful!!….I just moved our armoire out so that we could hang our new flat screen….I looked and looked for a piece just like yours to redo!!…No luck here, but found a new one at Home Goods that was already painted and distressed….Yours turned out perfect!!!…enjoy it…take a visit to my blog and follow along if you’d like..

  3. cassie says:

    ooh lauren, looove that! i love teh size, style, and gorgeous color with that hardware! and i just have to say the pic of you and your pups is adorable! 🙂

  4. Allison says:

    FREE? SO jealous and so gorgeous! Love that color!

  5. Rene says:

    Oh wow! This is gorgeous! I let a piece just like this slip away on craiglist. Bummer.

  6. kristin says:

    Oh my girl, this is gorgeous!!! Free!!! Lucky you!
    Thanks for linking!

  7. Kathleen says:

    That thing is a monster! Great job on the paint and finish, it’s really beautiful.

  8. Oh Aye says:

    I like it… I like it a lot…. great color choice.

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