The little table

Sometimes I do projects and forget about them, opps. Someone tossed this heavy solid wood coffee table to the curb a long time ago. Then it sat in my garage until we moved into the new house.  I then  sanded, primed, and painted it white. Following that I used a sanding block to rough up the edges. It took less than 1/2 a Saturday to complete so somehow I forgot to ever post about it. Until looking back thru old pictures and I saw the before pictures and shuddered.  UGLY:

Not even flowers could make her pretty! Much better after:

And here she is in a more recent living room picture, I love this table because it has round corners so I never hit my knee on it and it’s a solid little sturdy thing! Did I mention free too? 🙂

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One Response to The little table

  1. cassie says:

    it looks so pretty painted, and the whole room is so inviting and relaxing… love the soothing color palette!

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