Getting stuff done!

About a month ago my cousin and I painted our front living room.  She had some leftover paint from her living room that we mixed up and added 2 more gallons to. So I don’t have an exact color. But it’s a taupe/grey. In some lights it looks more taupe, others it looks more grey. We knocked the room out in one evening! Who says prego’s can’t paint?! Her husband also hung some new blinds for us that he had as a wrong order (he does window treatments for a living) they are much better than the ugly vertical ones that were hanging there before! Now I just need a nice valance made of crown to add above it. Any takers? Here is what it looked like when we bought the house:

And then after we got the new flooring in:

And now with the paint all done (you can kinda see the interior doors too, I painted them a navy blue that is very close to the the color of the big TV hutch in that room) :

Here is the color up against the blue paint that runs back through kitchen and back family room:

And since my office is being transformed into a nursery, I had to find a new place for my desk. So I set up a little office area off the front room, and printed the prints FREE from Vintage Printable  and hung them above the desk.

Last shot is of little entryway table:

and yes before anyone asks we were safe & wore masks! Also, adding some vanilla extract to the paint made the nasty paint smell go right away, a great tip I read on another blog a long time ago.

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