Patio Facelift

We spend a lot of time in our covered patio, or as they call it here in Florida ‘lanai’. Here is what it has looked like for the past year of us living here:

I really wanted a move living room type feel out there, and of course was in love with all the big iron rod patio sets that went for well over $1,000 in the Frontgate catalog.  Stu happened to find a solid teak set that was for sale in a consignment shop that was going out of business. He got the whole set for under $300.  The only problem is the cushions were so southwest desert style, old, and so not me:

So we tried to find some replacement cushions… Fail. None that were the right size. Then we looked into someone sewing custom cushions for it… another fail.. that would cost wayyy too much money. So I had an idea. I cannot sew much, throw pillows and the occasional dog collar. But upholstery and getting the cushion covers to fit exactly perfect? No way. So I headed to Jo Anne’s and happened to find 2 big spools of the outdoor fabric on clearance for $7 a yard (that stuff is normally $18+ a yard!) – I bought it all and began to experiment. With some heat, no sew bonding tape and no sew fabric glue, I re-did all 12 cushions. I am happy to report they are all holding up very well too!

Some other random stuff going on around the house, less than 6 weeks until the baby is due! So I am wrapping up the nursery. I had an old mirror that broke but loved the frame. So I painted the back cardboard piece with chalkboard paint and hung it in the entryway nook:

And I painted the inside of the front doors a few weeks ago, wish I had taken before pics of  how ugly they were before but of course I forgot!

And finally got around to hanging some odd and ends. I got this old graphic letterpress tray from a flea market for $20, I loooove it. And the ‘Mack’ dog plate is an old dog dish that my sister found for me on ebay, since ‘Mack’ is my maiden name.

That’s it for now. Lots to show for the baby room- but need to finish a few things first!

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3 Responses to Patio Facelift

  1. cassie says:

    the new cushions look so happy and fun! way better than the southwestern flair it had before. 🙂

  2. Claire Rose says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog-one of my pups is a pure cocker and the other is 1/2 cocker and 1/2 wheaton terrier-they are adorable too!

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