My Adventures in Motherhood

Some thoughts from a first time Mom that I’d like to share.

I was lucky, being pregnant was a breeze. I didn’t get too huge, I worked out throughout my pregnancy but still enjoyed eating extra food and indulging a bit. People always open doors for pregnant people and at work everyone was always asking how I was doing and if I needed snack.  The majority of people are super nice. Then you get the morons that make comments like ‘Wow you look like your about to pop and your feet are so swollen’ or ‘Hey is that twins in there?’. Really? How about you just punch a hormonal woman in the face. That’s what it feels like when people who are plain stupid – say those things. Your body is changing so much, extra weight, back pains, peeing every 2 minutes and your boobs are sore and ginormous. The last thing you want to hear is how BIG you look. So folks, next time you see a pregnant gal, even if she is huge and has food smeared on her belly (that she probably has no idea about) and acne from all her hormones, please just tell her she looks GLOWING and lovely. It will seriously make her day.

Ok now next topic, the parenting classes.  These classes I swear are intended to freak pregnant women out about labor pains. They show a woman giving natural birth, dripping in sweat and screaming in pain.  Sorry folks but they invented an epidural so you can enjoy your childbirth. I had a great labor with the epidural, I was able to relax and push and focus on the baby being born. Not on how bad the contractions were rippling through my belly (like it felt before I got the epidural, I was dilated to 5cm before I got one).


What the classes should do is make you sit in there and hold your pee, while your breasts are leaking milk and sore and all the while a baby is crying. That in my experience was much harder than the birth. Trying to find a happy balance between caring for a newborn and still keeping yourself rested and stress free.

I will say openly the first 2 months were really hard. My little girl cried a lot, she was gassy and colicky and it was so hard to not be able to comfort her.  But now she is 4 months old and those rough days seem so far behind us. She’s giggling, rolling, smiling, cooing and drooling now and she is so much fun.


More to come on this blog about the adventures of motherhood and of course still house & furniture projects… I have a lot to take pictures of and share – just trying to find the time to do it all 🙂


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