House Updates!

I am slacking a lot lately with posts! With work, a 6 month old baby & 4 dogs, it is just hard to find the time.  Over Christmas when we all went to Michigan, we had the floors finished in the house. Here is what it looked like in the back living room when we moved in:

I called it the chiclet tile. It reminded me of that white square gum. And it never ever looked clean no mater how much I scrubbed it. Really happy to see that stuff gone!

Stu & his Dad did all the demolition work. They chipped up all of the old tile and ripped out all the old base board. Talk about a back-breaking dirty job.

But soooo worth it – check out the after pictures (my awesome father-in-law did all the new base himself too)

It’s hard to tell in that picture but we also replaced the plain white ceiling fan with a nice dark wood one with big leaf blades and a light.

And the dogs hanging out while I took pictures

I also painted the back wall of my little bookshelf green. Makes it stand out a little more-

And lastly, of course I didn’t get a good before picture. But under the bar was always getting scuff marks from feet and it drove me nuts. So I added some beadboard under there and behind the trash can.

But the tricky thing is…. it’s not real beadboard. It’s wallpaper beadboard. And it’s pretty awesome. I painted right over it a semi-gloss white and caulked the seams along the baseboard. Looks pretty real huh? You can read more about it here.

That’s all for now!

Linking up to one of my fav blogs – Cassie:

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One Response to House Updates!

  1. cassie says:

    i love the green on the back of the bookcase- it looks so fresh!

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