0-8 Months – Anna’s Favorites

Anna is just over 8 months old now, I can hardly believe it! Here are just a few of her favorite things that have helped us get through some tough times.  Explained below.


1. Dr. Brown’s glass bottles. Love love these bottles. They drastically reduce the air intake, which results in a less gassy, less fussy baby.

2. Green Sprouts teething keys. I have a few toys for Anna made by Green Sprouts and they are very safe. BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine and phthalate free. Which is important to me because she’s chewing them. She loves these still at 8 months and shakes them like crazy when she’s excited.

3. Hyland’s Natural teething tablets. These little tabs dissolve right in the babies mouth, fast and seem to instantly comfort Anna when she’s cutting a tooth. I’ve also used their gel.

4. Green Sprouts stackable cups. I can’t get these out of her hands! They are great for the bathtub too because they have small holes in the bottom so they drain the water.

5. Avent Pacifiers. BPA free and supposedly orthodontist approved, not really sure what that means. We tried a few different brands and these are the only ones Anna liked!

6. Sophie Giraffe. Sophie dates back to 1961 where she was made in France out of an all natural tree rubber. Anna loves to gnaw on Sophie and she’s very light so at 2 months she was able to grip and hold her. Plus the dogs love her too, she squeaks!

7. Summer Infant bathtub. I love this bathtub, it’s soft and filled with little beads. Not hard plastic like a lot of ones I see.

8. Laugh & Play Puppy. For whatever reason this dog can always make Anna smile or laugh. She loves the cheesy songs it sings!

9. Tommee Tippee. Anna’s first sippy cup. It’s non-spill and BPA & Phthalate Free.  She loves to shake this cup around!

10. Boudreaux’s Natural Butt Paste. Really helped sooth Anna’s bottom when she got bouts of diaper rash (from teething).

Anna’s current favorite activity, is sneaking over to the dogs water bowls and playing in the water:


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One Response to 0-8 Months – Anna’s Favorites

  1. auntie k says:

    love this!!!! especially sophie! who doesn’t love sophie?! I wrote an entire post dedicated to her!

    love your blog!
    auntie k

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