Anna’s play kitchen

I can’t believe Anna will be ONE next month. This year has flown by too fast. For her 1st Birthday I wanted to give her something meaningful. I loved the idea of a play kitchen but didn’t love the plastic store bought ones. So I found Ana White’s amazing website with DIY plans to build your own play kitchen out of wood.

Luckily I have an amazing Father-in law who is very handy and was able to build me the frame with no problem:


Then came the fun part for me, picking out paint and accessories for it! Here she is all complete. Now if I can only wait 22 more days to give it to Anna on her actual birthday!

ImageThe ribbon thing in background is something I made for decoration for Anna’s one year pics next week, it’s just cut fabric tied to a ribbon. I used an opps paint mixed with some stuff I had at home to paint it that seafoam green color.  After I painted it, I sealed it all with a waterproof polyurethane.

Breakdown of parts:

Sink is a kitchen bowl I got for $6 on amazon

Faucet was a little pricy – $32 on ebay. It’s a bar facet so it’s made smaller

Handle for oven was $5 on amazon

Stove skirt was made from $10 worth of fabric from JoAnnes and lil pom-poms, and I hung it with a 14″ curtain rod I had to order online for $8. Hard to find one that small!

Stove burners were $1 each – little wood basketball decals from JoAnnes

Knobs were a little pricey, but I was in love with them from the start – from Anthropology $8 each

I spent about $55 on the wood…. so just over $150 total but I am a sucker for handmade gifts and this one is worth every penny!



ImageAnd of course she has to have some food ready in her panty! These are wood toys made by Melissa and Doug toy co.Image

Can’t wait to give it to Anna!
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2 Responses to Anna’s play kitchen

  1. cassie says:

    wow! that is awesome your FIL could make that for you! i love the colors, ruffles, and the garland above it, too! oh and the knobs are awesome!

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