Guest bathroom updates

This is our bathroom on a budget project! Here is the bathroom around when we first moved in (I had already painted it that pale yellow color)… not sure why I didn’t take any pictures of the corroding slab of mirror that hung on the wall or the corroded nasty yellow faucet. Wish I would have so you could have seen how ugly it was – that’s well water for you!

So we:

Ripped out the old tile & ripped off the ugly towel bar

Replaced the vanity with one that was never used from my brother-in law

We got a nice new white toilet from my in-laws for Christmas to replace the pink one with.

And we added a slab of granite to the vanity & got a new sink & faucet

I spray painted a $30 mirror from Marshalls

and lastly, Stu tiled the floor the same tile as the rest of our house and added new base board and I added some white stripes on the walls with paint.

And I hung this antique iron sign I got from the flea market:

It’s been busy around here trying to get ready for the new baby – but a lot more posts to come!

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