Goodbye FL house… Hello Michigan!

It’s been 6 long years here in Florida! Don’t get me wrong, I have loved my time here, the people I have met, I started my career here, got married here and started my family here. But I have always been a northern girl at heart. I love seasons and the lakes and my family and friends who live there. And I am excited to say we are moving home soon! Our house went on the market last week and is already SOLD. Yup, it happened that fast… Packing time! I started this blog to post about our progress and projects. It’s been a lot of work but rewarding and fun. I love to look back and see how far we have come with the house. We have lived in this house just about 3 years and boy has it changed. Here are the pictures I have gathered of the Before & Afters:Before1After1Living Room:Before2After2Family Room:Before3After3Kitchen:KitchenBeforeKitchenAfter2KitchenAfterGuest Bathroom

BeforeBathroomBathroomAfterThis is one of the guest rooms. It was in pretty bad shape. It was used as my office for awhile and then we turned it into a nursery for my daughter. AnnaBeforeAnnaRoom1

I can’t find a before picture of the other guest room, but it was pretty icky. Here it is when it was a guest room:Anthony1Then we turned it into a nursery for my baby boy:AnthonyRoomThis is our bedroom, the master: Before5BeforeRoom1After5AFterBathroomThe Lanai (what I will miss most about this house!)LanaiBeforeLanaiAfterBeforePoolPoolAfterThat’s it! More to come of the Michigan house 🙂

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One Response to Goodbye FL house… Hello Michigan!

  1. toni says:

    wow your house is beautiful it must be hard to leave but will be happy to be able to see you now that your in

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