Guest bathroom updates

This is our bathroom on a budget project! Here is the bathroom around when we first moved in (I had already painted it that pale yellow color)… not sure why I didn’t take any pictures of the corroding slab of mirror that hung on the wall or the corroded nasty yellow faucet. Wish I would have so you could have seen how ugly it was – that’s well water for you!

So we:

Ripped out the old tile & ripped off the ugly towel bar

Replaced the vanity with one that was never used from my brother-in law

We got a nice new white toilet from my in-laws for Christmas to replace the pink one with.

And we added a slab of granite to the vanity & got a new sink & faucet

I spray painted a $30 mirror from Marshalls

and lastly, Stu tiled the floor the same tile as the rest of our house and added new base board and I added some white stripes on the walls with paint.

And I hung this antique iron sign I got from the flea market:

It’s been busy around here trying to get ready for the new baby – but a lot more posts to come!

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Anna’s play kitchen

I can’t believe Anna will be ONE next month. This year has flown by too fast. For her 1st Birthday I wanted to give her something meaningful. I loved the idea of a play kitchen but didn’t love the plastic store bought ones. So I found Ana White’s amazing website with DIY plans to build your own play kitchen out of wood.

Luckily I have an amazing Father-in law who is very handy and was able to build me the frame with no problem:


Then came the fun part for me, picking out paint and accessories for it! Here she is all complete. Now if I can only wait 22 more days to give it to Anna on her actual birthday!

ImageThe ribbon thing in background is something I made for decoration for Anna’s one year pics next week, it’s just cut fabric tied to a ribbon. I used an opps paint mixed with some stuff I had at home to paint it that seafoam green color.  After I painted it, I sealed it all with a waterproof polyurethane.

Breakdown of parts:

Sink is a kitchen bowl I got for $6 on amazon

Faucet was a little pricy – $32 on ebay. It’s a bar facet so it’s made smaller

Handle for oven was $5 on amazon

Stove skirt was made from $10 worth of fabric from JoAnnes and lil pom-poms, and I hung it with a 14″ curtain rod I had to order online for $8. Hard to find one that small!

Stove burners were $1 each – little wood basketball decals from JoAnnes

Knobs were a little pricey, but I was in love with them from the start – from Anthropology $8 each

I spent about $55 on the wood…. so just over $150 total but I am a sucker for handmade gifts and this one is worth every penny!



ImageAnd of course she has to have some food ready in her panty! These are wood toys made by Melissa and Doug toy co.Image

Can’t wait to give it to Anna!
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Primitive and Proper

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baby BOY!!!

Baby BOY on the way! Due Dec. 16th. We figured life was not busy enough with work, 4 dogs and a 10 month old baby girl 😉

Now time to start planning HIS nursery, the fun part. We have a 3 bedroom house so his room will have to double as a guest room (sorry little one you have to share) here are some ideas I found for inspiration:


So I am thinking the theme will be “Vintage-Dog”. I made a little style board already for some bedding/decor:


1. Aden + Anais Flying Dog crib sheet

2. Plain white crib bumper

3.  Crib skirt – fabric by Annette Tatum

4.  Curtains – fabric by Amy Butler

5.  Idea for wall art – old children’s & dog story book covers

6. Idea for shelving – old books

I also love this dresser and want to paint one similar and use it for a changing table:


Ooo and I love these baskets mounted to the wall for easy access storage, perfect!

And since it goes along with the theme… I must get this hat for newborn pics:


I want to get a trundle bed for in there. But they are soooo expensive. So hopefully I can find a frame for one on craigslist, spray paint it and then buy new twin mattresses.

Anna is oh so excited about being a big sister too!


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0-8 Months – Anna’s Favorites

Anna is just over 8 months old now, I can hardly believe it! Here are just a few of her favorite things that have helped us get through some tough times.  Explained below.


1. Dr. Brown’s glass bottles. Love love these bottles. They drastically reduce the air intake, which results in a less gassy, less fussy baby.

2. Green Sprouts teething keys. I have a few toys for Anna made by Green Sprouts and they are very safe. BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine and phthalate free. Which is important to me because she’s chewing them. She loves these still at 8 months and shakes them like crazy when she’s excited.

3. Hyland’s Natural teething tablets. These little tabs dissolve right in the babies mouth, fast and seem to instantly comfort Anna when she’s cutting a tooth. I’ve also used their gel.

4. Green Sprouts stackable cups. I can’t get these out of her hands! They are great for the bathtub too because they have small holes in the bottom so they drain the water.

5. Avent Pacifiers. BPA free and supposedly orthodontist approved, not really sure what that means. We tried a few different brands and these are the only ones Anna liked!

6. Sophie Giraffe. Sophie dates back to 1961 where she was made in France out of an all natural tree rubber. Anna loves to gnaw on Sophie and she’s very light so at 2 months she was able to grip and hold her. Plus the dogs love her too, she squeaks!

7. Summer Infant bathtub. I love this bathtub, it’s soft and filled with little beads. Not hard plastic like a lot of ones I see.

8. Laugh & Play Puppy. For whatever reason this dog can always make Anna smile or laugh. She loves the cheesy songs it sings!

9. Tommee Tippee. Anna’s first sippy cup. It’s non-spill and BPA & Phthalate Free.  She loves to shake this cup around!

10. Boudreaux’s Natural Butt Paste. Really helped sooth Anna’s bottom when she got bouts of diaper rash (from teething).

Anna’s current favorite activity, is sneaking over to the dogs water bowls and playing in the water:


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DIY Sunburst Mirror

I wanted to make my little sis something to hang above her bed in her new house and I have seen other DIY Sunburst mirrors online so I decided to make one.  I didn’t follow any tutorial, I just winged it.  I had a hard time finding a circle mirror, so I found a vanity one on a stand at TJMaxx for $9.99. I bought that and took it off the stand and it worked perfect.  Then I got long wood dowels from Michael’s  and cut them into in 12 in pieces. I ran out & went to Joanne’s to get more and they had pre-cut 12in ones – much less work!

I hot glued it all. Yep and I used a of it. I painted the back with wood glue when I was all done and covered it with felt.

After it was all done, I spray painted it with a metallic silver/gold color and then hung it at her house! About $40 total

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Fun with Chalk Paint

Our house has pretty high ceilings and there is a big blank wall in the kitchen above the fridge that I wanted to fill.

I trash picked this mirror hmmm… had to check old blog post… back in Sept 2009! (sometimes I have things for awhile before I finallllly work on them) Anywho, I spray painted the frame and hung it in the kitchen.

Then I painted inside it with chalk board paint (2 coats) and wrote a favorite Dr. Seuss quote.

We are going to take down that ceiling fan in there, so it won’t look so cluttered.  And we never use it anyways. I can’t wait to re-do our kitchen cabinets & countertops!

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House Updates!

I am slacking a lot lately with posts! With work, a 6 month old baby & 4 dogs, it is just hard to find the time.  Over Christmas when we all went to Michigan, we had the floors finished in the house. Here is what it looked like in the back living room when we moved in:

I called it the chiclet tile. It reminded me of that white square gum. And it never ever looked clean no mater how much I scrubbed it. Really happy to see that stuff gone!

Stu & his Dad did all the demolition work. They chipped up all of the old tile and ripped out all the old base board. Talk about a back-breaking dirty job.

But soooo worth it – check out the after pictures (my awesome father-in-law did all the new base himself too)

It’s hard to tell in that picture but we also replaced the plain white ceiling fan with a nice dark wood one with big leaf blades and a light.

And the dogs hanging out while I took pictures

I also painted the back wall of my little bookshelf green. Makes it stand out a little more-

And lastly, of course I didn’t get a good before picture. But under the bar was always getting scuff marks from feet and it drove me nuts. So I added some beadboard under there and behind the trash can.

But the tricky thing is…. it’s not real beadboard. It’s wallpaper beadboard. And it’s pretty awesome. I painted right over it a semi-gloss white and caulked the seams along the baseboard. Looks pretty real huh? You can read more about it here.

That’s all for now!

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